We’re committed to advancing the Gospel of Jesus to the world. The primary way we do that is by supporting missionaries. Currently we support 10 missionaries, organizations, and ministries worldwide. Our hope is that you would join these efforts with your prayers and/or financial gifts.



Live Dead Russia exists to take the church to the 13.5 million people within 88 unreached people groups who have not had a chance to respond to a clear gospel presentation. These include Muslims in remote villages scattered across the mountains and Central Asian immigrants working in the major cities. Wherever they are, our team is meeting them in the cafes, the parks, the flea markets, and in their homes, opening up conversations through which we can share the Good News of Jesus Christ.


Serving the unreached people groups in a sensitive region in Southeast Asia.


We serve in a country that is 86% Muslim, 10% Orthodox Christian, 3% Evangelical Christian, and 1% Other. While not illegal to be Christian, Christians are not allowed to evangelize or share their faith with others. Our desire is to see a church planting movement among the under-reached and unreached people groups of the country. We work at a local business which gives us access to the community and, in our regular interactions, sow the seeds of the gospel broadly, offer to study the Bible with the ones who respond, and disciple those who choose to follow Jesus.


Senegal is 95% Islamic with the Wolof people being the largest unreached people group with fewer than 100 believers out of 5.5 million Wolof. We live in close community with each other and our Wolof friends to connect them to God through Jesus Christ (salvation), connect believers to other believers (church planting), and connect people to their purpose in Christ (disciple-makers).


Alex and Kathryn were both called into missions at a young age, and have been serving in Japan since 2006. Since that time God has blessed them with two beautiful daughters. The Humphreys are the site pastors for Tokyo City Church which also has a sister church in Shimizu, Japan. In this new term they will continue working with Tokyo City Church endeavoring to plant a third site. Also, after 14 plus years of serving in Japan they see the clear need to raise up more missionaries to be sent out into the harvest field. Now back in Japan, they will be starting a team based training program to increase the number of missionaries in the country and meet the need for more workers.


There are over 1.5 billion Muslims throughout the world who do not know Jesus. Our goal is to reach the Muslims in Washington DC with the gospel of Jesus Christ. There are 3 ways we do this: 1) Personally evangelize to Muslims, 2) Mobilize and equip the local churches through practical trainings/workshops to share the gospel with their Muslim friends/neighbors/coworkers, and 3)  Partner with local ministries to do more effective outreach to Muslims.


Urban Outreach is a ministry located in the inner-city of our nation’s capital that has been ministering and developing relationships for more than 10 years. We are dedicated to reaching the lost and hurting with the love of Christ in the Southeast, Marshall Heights neighborhood of Washington, DC. We meet needs through our emergency food pantry, clothing distribution, and life mentoring. We offering spiritual support through Bible studies, prayer, and worship services.



Lead the Generation is a non-profit para-church ministry existing to inspire, equip and develop students and adults serving in local church youth ministries across our nation and beyond.
Caleb and Angelina are serving in Florence, Italy, working to revitalize the international church and help plant new churches. Their goal is to reach Italians, internationals, and the university students in Florence. They want to see God move in a powerful way and have people come into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ in a country where only 1.5 percent of the population is considered to have an active relationship with God.